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Boundary Surveys

A Professional Surveyor will reestablish boundary lines that have become lost, missing, or are unknown to property owners.  This is often performed during a land transfer, a mortgage request, proposed building or property improvements, or a dispute between neighboring tracts. This process can be complex and very cumbersome, as the surveyor must perform records research for the property of interest, adjoiners, and trace the property records back in time in order to retrieve vital pieces of information that will control where the corners and boundary lines should be located.  The next step is to perform field reconnaissance in order to find, then measure any existing evidence of the boundary.  Every boundary scenario is unique; some boundaries require greater effort in order for the surveyor to reestablish, others are relatively straight forward.  Natural & human forces such as flood, fire, logging, etc., contribute to evidence of a boundary being disturbed, lost, or destroyed.  In these situations, it may be necessary for the surveyor to set new marks (iron pins, blazing, painting) on the boundary in place of a previously lost or destroyed marks.  In other cases, boundary evidence may need to be simply found, measured and verified, and freshened with new witness marks. A full boundary survey will indicate the Surveyor's opinion where the boundary is located supported by a map of the property signed and sealed by the Professional Surveyor. The process of a boundary survey can be daunting and even obscure to a landowner during the process. Not to worry, the Professional Surveyor has years of training, formal education, rigorous examination, and unique experiences that will enable him or her to come to a conclusion regarding the proper location of your boundary and he/she will perpetuate the conclusion for your knowledge so that you will fully know your boundaries.

A right that a landowner enjoys is the ability to divide his or her property into pieces for development or other practical purposes.  A Professional Surveyor's role in the subdivision process is two-fold. First, the property of interest must have a boundary survey performed in order to verify the extents of the property being divided (see above). The second role involves lot design and navigation of municipal planning and zoning rules and regulations.  State laws enable local municipalities to govern the division of land and land uses.  This means that the lot design must comply with specific planning and zoning considerations unique to each municipality. The Professional Surveyor will navigate these considerations, keeping the client's interests in high-esteem, in order to come up with a final plan (map) that meets municipal approval and finalizes the subdivision.

Subdivision Surveys

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