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Thank you for visiting Matthew A. Boozer Land Surveying's resource page for common questions that relate to Land Surveying. Matt's goal is that this page will guide landowners with information to better understand the Land Surveying process. 

Question 1: How much does a survey cost?

Answer 1: Many factors go into the cost of your property survey.  First off, cost is directly related to the time involvement for the survey. On a typical survey, Matt will spend time analyzing records, reviewing historical documents, locating existing field evidence that control the boundary, studying case law, drafting maps, writing legal descriptions, & conducting interviews. Since every property is unique, Matt will typically answer this question with a few questions of his own. Information such as the size of the property, location of the property, reason for the survey, are corners needing to be marked or in addition are line stakes needed, whether or not an updated legal description is needed, if any existing pins are known to exist, if the property is known to have been surveyed previously, terrain of the property, etc., are all pieces of information that will help the Surveyor provide a quote for your property survey.  Matt will often perform some up-front research in order to better understand the dynamics of your property in order to provide an accurate & fair quote. Feel free to contact Matt today for your Land Survey quote. Matt promises that the resulting value of your Land Survey will far exceed the cost of the survey.  Visit Matthew A. Boozer Land Surveying's Review Page to see what people have said about Matt's Services.

Question 2: Can I join the Surveyor on site when performing my Land Survey?

Answer 2: Absolutely, you are welcome to join Matt during the field portion of the Land Survey of your property.  After all, it is your property. A landowner's knowledge with regard to the boundary can be valuable.  Be advised that Matt will not determine the location of the boundary until all of the evidence is measured, analyzed, & properly concluded.  Most of the field time will be spent searching for and measuring existing evidence that may or may not control the boundary location. At the conclusion of the Land Survey, Matt will mark the boundary as desired by the Landowner.   

Question 3: Is there a cheaper option to having a Land Survey?

Answer 3: Quick answer is no, there is not a cheaper option to the Land Survey.  Many people inquiry about the accuracy of the County GIS tax mapping or certain cell phone APPS that show parcel lines. Some folks rely heavily on these resources to exercise their property rights. Simply put, these resources do not accurately reflect your title based on your deed.  Matt has rarely seen final land survey lines accuracy reflected in a County GIS. This is said not to degrade the County's service, rather to clarify a typical misunderstanding. County GIS systems were created to organize Tax assessment info and are great tools to understand parcel ownership information in a designated area however, GIS systems cannot not be used as a Land Survey substitute.  Cell phone APPS have purchased County tax assessment GIS system files to generate their APPS.  If you are planning to build, plant, buy, sell, or generally exercise your property rights, a Land Survey is your most valuable & only resource to know your boundaries. 

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